What sets Wilson Cook Associates apart from other technology consultants is the combination of our many years of experience leading international technology projects, our detailed knowledge of government funding programs, and our understanding of the processes and information critical to successful technology developments. This unique mix enables us not only to assist with government funding applications, but also to offer project management services in support of applications, including custom tools for managing and tracking supporting information. Wilson Cook Associates can manage project plans and budgets, track communications, and provide advice on relevant government programs and how to maximize funding across the various government programs available.

The scope of our expertise includes not only the SR&ED and IRAP programs (the most well-known technology incentive programs) but also a wide range of other programs, including OIDMTC, EODF, SMART, and EODP.

Our tools and templates have been developed to allow clients to work with multiple concurrent applications, each requiring different support documentation.

Our services:
– Government funding plans customized to company needs and priorities.
– Preparation of government funding applications – technical, business, and financial components.
– Guidance and assistance on gathering information to support funding applications.
– Structuring technology processes to succeed on applications and meet other business goals.
– Assistance in preparing for government reviews related to applications.

Our advantages:
– Deep, diverse pool of business and technology experience
– Professionalism and integrity
– Custom tools to minimize manual effort
– Flexible, timely service driven by client needs and deadlines
– Flexible, competitive fee structures

If you are interested in finding out more about how Wilson Cook Associates might be able to help with your R&D processes and procedures, then please contact us.

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