Interactive Digital Media Fund: Production and Concept Definition

The Interactive Digital Media Fund (IDMF) Production and Concept Definition streams are administered by the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC). The objective of both streams is to support the creation interactive digital media content products within the province of Ontario. The Concept Definition stream finances activities that support and precede creation of a content project, whereas the Production stream finances the creation of market-ready content projects. “Interactive” content is defined as that which is primarily distributed through a digital media platform, network, or device and which involves at least two of sound, images, and text.

Eligible companies must be incorporated, Ontario-based, and must have made at least 25% of its revenue over the past two fiscal years from screen-based content projects or at least 50% of its revenue over the past two fiscal years must be from activities “associated” with the creation of digital media content products. The Concept Definition stream encompasses all early-stage activities that allow a company to prepare for full production of an interactive digital media content project, including prototype creation, business planning, and research. The Production stream encompasses most activities involved in the full creation of an interactive digital media content project. Examples of eligible projects include but are not limited to video games, mobile applications, and interactive websites.

Financing Offered
The Concept Definition stream offers between $10,000 and $50,000 in financing, all of which is a non-repayable grant. The Production stream offers between $25,000 and $250,000 in financing, also in the form of a non-repayable grant.

There are two application deadlines per year: one in mid-May and one in mid-October. Applications must be submitted through the OMDC’s online portal

More Information
More information is available at the program page

The program administrators can be contacted at or at 416-642-6695.

Wilson Cook Associates can assist with applications for this program. If interested please contact us at Wilson Cook Associates.