The federal and provincial governments offer a number of government incentive programs in the form of tax credits, grants or loans to encourage small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to advance their technology and/or business. From our experience, the main challenges facing SMEs with regard to such programs are:

– Identifying the programs best suited to the business.
– Understanding how best to position an application.
– Finding the time to prepare an application.
– Gathering the information to support the application.

Many SMEs are not aware of which programs they are eligible and often regard time spent on such activities as undesirable distractions from business goals. Yet for SMEs that qualify, these programs can provide very generous financial assistance at critical times. It is our experience that taking a pro-active approach that integrates planning for government funding applications with core business planning is the best road to success. This is endorsed by our success record with clients since 2002.

To maximize the likelihood of an application being successful, it is necessary to combine technological and/or business knowledge with an understanding of the requirements of government programs and the expectations of the administrators. This ensures that technological and business activities are described and presented in the appropriate manner, that the information needed to support an application is identified and collected and that program requirements can be translated into concrete implications for technology and business processes. Our partners’ past experience of directly managing large international technology projects, including the filing of 20+ patents as well as the proprietary customer tools we have developed put us in a unique position to assist clients in all areas that are critical to a successful application.

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