Eastern Ontario Development Fund

The Eastern Ontario Development Fund (EODF) is administered by the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Employment, and Infrastructure. Its Business Stream provides non-repayable grants to companies in eastern Ontario seeking to undertake projects in eligible sectors – advancing manufacturing, life sciences, primary and secondary processing, information and communication technology, and cultural industries – that will entail new investment and jobs.

To be eligible for funding, a business must be incorporated, have at least three years of operational experience, and be located in eastern Ontario.* Generally, businesses need at least 10 full-time employees to be eligible, and must undertake a project that will add at least 10 new employees and involve at least $500,000 of investment. However, if a business has between 5 and 10 employees and is located in a small community,** it may be eligible for the Small Community Pilot component of the program. This requires a project that increases current employment by at least 50% and that invests at least $200,000.

Financing Offered
Grants are worth up to 15% of eligible project costs, up to a maximum grant size of $1.5 million. At least 15% of total project costs must be paid from the company’s own resources or from other private sources of funding.

The application package is available here. Applications are assessed on a continuous basis. A pre-screening checklist can be submitted to determine eligibility.

More Information
More information is available at the EODF program page.

Contact points for the program are given here.

Wilson Cook Associates can assist with applications for this program. If interested please contact us at Wilson Cook Associates.

*”Eastern Ontario” for the purposes of this program includes Ottawa and Kingston but not Toronto. A list of eligible geographical regions is given here.
**A “small community” for the purposes of this program is a municipality with less than 20,000 people or with a population density of less than 100 people per square kilometre.