The SMART program is administered by Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) and funded by the Federal Economic Development Agencies for Northern Ontario and for Southern Ontario (FedNor Ontario and FedDev Ontario). It offers two streams of funding: the Assessment stream, available to manufacturers in all of Ontario, offers a non-repayable contribution towards the costs of a review of the manufacturer’s processes, systems, and/or products by a third-party specialist. The Project stream, available only to manufacturers in southern Ontario, provides a non-repayable contribution towards the costs of a project that adopts or adapts advanced technology to increase productivity.

Funding is offered to Ontario manufacturers that have been incorporated for at least two years, employ between 15 and 1,000 full-time employees, and currently or are planning to export internationally or integrate into an international supply chain. In order to receive funding under the Assessment stream, manufacturers must work with a “Qualified Service Provider”, external to the organization and certified by CME, who will carry out the assessment. In order to receive funding under the Project stream, manufacturers must be planning or engaged in a project involving the implementation of advanced technology that improves manufacturing productivity. Projects that merely increase capacity by duplicating or upgrading existing equipment are not eligible, nor are those which last more than 1 year.

Financing Offered
Assessment stream: A 50% non-repayable contribution towards eligible assessment costs, up to a maximum contribution of $15,000.
Project stream: A non-repayable contribution towards eligible project costs of up to 35%, up to a maximum contribution of $100,000.

Applications for both streams must be submitted through CME’s online SMART portal. Only one person per facility can register. Applications are assessed on an ongoing basis and must include supporting documentation, including audited financial statements for the past two years and (for the Project stream) a project business case, cost breakdown, and profitability analysis.

More Information
More information is available at the CME SMART program website.

CME’s contact points for the SMART program are available here.

Wilson Cook Associates can assist with applications for this program. If interested please contact us at Wilson Cook Associates.

* These criteria apply to companies in the service area of FedDev Ontario, which includes Ottawa, Kingston, and Toronto; for a full list of regions, see FedDev Ontario Regional List. Different criteria apply to companies in the service area of FedNor Ontario. See the relevant CME page.